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Productivity rose 15 per cent
13:52 / 18.06.2016

The presidential decree dated 4 March 2015 “On the programme of measures to ensure structural transformation, modernization and diversification of industrial production for 2015-2019” is an important factor in further developing industrial production modernization and innovative technology introduction. 

As part of the implementation of this decree, large-scale work has been carried out in Namangan Region, and special attention is being paid to the technical and technological modernization of industrial production. 

The Zamin Metal Sanoat LLC specializes in the production of metal items and components for high pressure gas compressors. Thanks to a modern equipment installation project worth over 1 billion 440 million soums, productivity at the enterprise rose again. 

“A preferential bank credit was used in the introduction of new technology. This digital equipment made it possible to raise productivity by 10-15 per cent,” says the head of the enterprise, Husanboy Botaboyev. 

The new technology showed its efficiency as early as in the first months of this year. In the past five months, the enterprise produced more than 500 types of products worth 2 billion 647 million soums. That is an increase of 15.7 per cent on the same period of last year. There has also been an increase in the provision of technical services for gas fuel filling stations. 

Research on new projects continues at the enterprise that employs nearly 100 people. 


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