The republican phase of the Academic and Stage Performing Arts contest among pupils of music and art schools has taken place in Navoiy. 

At the event held by the Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, it was emphasized that special attention being paid under the leadership of the country’s President to giving comprehensive support to the younger generation and to creating all the necessary conditions for them to display their talent and potential was yielding great results. 

Contests such as Melodies of the Motherland, Only Sacred Homeland and Budding Artistes, Rainbow Stars children’s creativity festival and Nowruz Melodies festivals of national musical instruments ensembles and orchestras are important factors in encouraging talented young people.

The Academic and Stage Performing Arts contest also serves this purpose. 

Pupils who had come from the Republic of Qoraqalpoghiston, the regions and Tashkent city had their talent tested on 23 nominations. A pupil of children’s music and art school No 1 in Navoiy town, Anatoliy Nazarov, is among the winners. 

“I am glad to be a winner of this prestigious contest,” says Anatoliy. 

At the conclusion of the contest, participants performed music and songs about the homeland, peace, friendship and magnanimity.