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12:01 / 09.07.2016

Uzbekistan has invited representatives of more than a thousand flagship foreign companies, trade offices and houses, retail chains, logistics centers and retailers for participation in the first International Fruit and Vegetable Fair.

"The working group compiled the lists of potential local and foreign participants of the fair, including the leading international brands and traders of CIS, EU and Asia. Many of them have already confirmed their participation in the exhibition. We expect the arrival of representatives of companies and organizations from a total of 200 countries of the world," commented the O’zbekoziqovqatholding.

The International Fruit and Vegetable Fair will take place on July 12 - 14 at the National Exhibition Company Uzexpocenter in Tashkent. Experts anticipate that participants will make fruit and vegetable supply contracts for big amounts of money.

The key mission of the event is to create the optimally comfortable conditions for foreign customers to purchase as much fruits and vegetables as they need. The customers will be able to visit Tashkent for a couple of days a year and meet with farmers, transporters, tax authorities, customs officials, representatives of other state institutions on the same, and address all the issues regarding the successful purchase of products.

Uzbekistan ranks among the world’s leaders in the production of agricultural products. Last year, the country grew 12.5 million tons of vegetables and potatoes, 1.8 million tons of melons, 1.5 million tons of grapes, 2.73 million tons of fruits. 114 new cold rooms with a capacity of 77.800 tons were built and upgraded for storage. 

Source: Jahonnews.uz

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