A new apartment house built in a cantonment in Andijon Region, eastern Uzbekistan, has been commissioned. 

At an event attended by members of the pubic, it was said that constant attention being paid under the leadership of the country’s President to raising the national army’s might and potential, to giving comprehensive support to military servicemen and their family members and to further improving their living conditions was giving great results. 

This two-storey building consisting of 16 apartments had been built by construction workers of the Adolat qurilish servis LLC. The apartment house was given as a true holiday gift to military servicemen’s families on the eve of celebrations of the Uzbek people’s greatest and dearest holiday, the country’s Independence Day. 

Senior Lieutenant Humoyun Muhammadiyev, who is a native of Kitob District, Qashqadaryo Region, and his wife Mahliyo Alimqulova are among them. 

Memorable gifts from the regional hokimiyat (governorate) and from the building firm were handed over to these new apartment owners. 

Andijon Region’s governor, Sh.Abdurahmonov, made a speech at the event. 

Source: Uza.uz