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“Our Heritage” Exhibition devoted to Aleksandr Perov
11:52 / 09.07.2016

The exhibition titled “Our Heritage” and devoted to the work of the famous artist Aleksandr Perov opened at the Central Exhibition Hall of the Academy of Arts of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Chairman of the Academy of Arts A.Nuriddinov and others noted that under the leadership of the President of our country great attention is paid to the preservation of the spiritual heritage of the artists who have made a great contribution to the development of fine arts, improvement of the activity of schools and directions of this sphere of art.

A.Perov was a talented artist, earned the love and respect of fans of art in our country. The people's artists of Uzbekistan Rahim Ahmedov, Nematilla Kuziboev and other masters of the brush contributed to the development of his talent.

A great place in creativity of A.Perov, who for many years taught painting at the secondary and higher educational institutions of arts, take up such topics as love of life, the native Uzbekistan, it’s beautiful nature, a sense of respect for the good and peace-loving people. The artist worked in such genres of fine art, as a still-life, landscape, portrait, sophisticated compositions. His works are especially valuable for fans of art, in which are displayed the sincere feelings of the brush master to the common people, workers, farmers, herders, artisans skilled labor, beautiful towns and villages. 


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