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Preparations in full swing for holiday of generosity and kindness
11:06 / 09.07.2016

As in all other places in the country, high-level preparations are being made in Farghona Region for the holiday of kindness and magnanimity – the Ramadan Eid. 

The presidential decree dated 1 July 2016 “On celebrating the Ramadan Eid” is an important guidance document in this area. 

The regional departments of the Nuroniiy foundation and the Mahalla charity public foundation, a number of other public organizations and authorised establishments are taking measures to celebrate the holiday in localities in an orderly fashion and in a way that conforms to Uzbek people’s national values. 

“These days, large-scale improvement work is in progress in more than one thousand neighbourhoods in the region,” says Bakhtiyor Elchiyev, chairman of the regional department of the Mahalla charity public foundation. 

Round-table conversations are being arranged about the Ramadan Eid’s conformity with Uzbek people’s traditional values, about the country’s prosperity and about the younger generation’s education in the spirit of loyalty to ideas of sovereignty . The Kamolot youth public movement is also actively participating in this process and arranging voluntary work for lone elders to help with their domestic tasks. 

The Toshloq Distict Sadda village citizens’ gathering is also making large-scale preparations for celebrating the holiday in a big way. Improvement work being carried out in the territory where more than 22 thousand people live is really heartening. 

“Thanks to peace and calm and inter-ethnic accord reigning in our country, we are becoming increasingly well-off,” says Lutfullo Ibrohimov, chairman of the village citizens’ gathering. 


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