As reported earlier, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov visited Surkhandarya and Kashadarya regions on 30 June-1 July to evaluate the ongoing social-economic reforms, as well as creative and beautification work. 

On the second day of the visit to Kashkadarya region the Head of state visited the fields of the “Shukrona” farming unit in Karshi district. 

Kashkadarya landowners have grown a rich grain harvest in 145 thousand hectares. The members of the mentioned farming unit are growing grain in 20 hectares and are planning to harvest 6,5 tons from a hectare. 

In these responsible days for our farmers and dekhkans, it gives me an immense pleasure to be with you and speak with you sincerely, the head of our state said. 

In the years of independence, fundamental reforms in the in the sphere of agriculture in our country have been carried out, the attitude toward the land, labour has changed, the culture of land ownership has improved as a result of which a rich harvest of agricultural products is raised. 

Today Kashkadarya has turned into one the comprehensively developed regions. 12 per cent of grain and 15 per cent of cotton of the country is grown in this region. The average grain yield reaches 6,2 tons per hectare. Under the leadership of the President of our country, huge creative and beautification works are carried out in Kashkadarya. In Karshi new roads and bridges, multi-story residential houses have been built, parks and alleys have been established, the service facilities have been constructed and this work is steadily continuing. All conditions are created for ensuring pleasant recreation of the population. 

The city of Shakhrisabz is also witnessing wide-scale creative works. The square around the Oqsaroy complex has been widened, a shadowy alley, linking the Chorsu bazaar, historical monuments of Kukgumbaz, Dorut-tilovat, Dorus-saodat, has been built. In order to further increase the tourism potential of the city, 129 km road from Karshi to Shakhrisabz is being reconstructed. 

Huge funds and resources have been allocated for renovation of Karshi and Shakhrisabz, Islam Karimov said. The look of the cities, their infrastructure should correspond to this. Our goal is to create modern conditions for the population, to further increase the welfare of our people. Besides, the works carried out by us, will serve the future generations as well. 

– Every year, maybe, every two months of our independence is filled with historical events, grandiose successes, said the chairman of the regional branch of the “Nuroniy” foundation Yanvar Inoyatov. – We feel this in every step, see in the example of each region. Recently, watching a TV report on completion of the construction of the Angren-Pap electrified railway line, we were immensely delighted. The construction in a very short period, in only 32 months of the railway line with a length of 123,1 km and the 19 km tunnel, frankly, amazes us. Such huge project can be carried out only by the state, which has an enormous economic and spiritual potential. 

The President of Uzbekistan asked about the created conditions for work and recreation of farmers. The modern houses on standard design under construction improve the level and quality of life of our people, their world outlook and culture. 

The head of the “Shukrona” farming unit Hotam Jumaev, head of the “Abdiev Majid” farming unit, member of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan Suyun Abdiev, chairwomen of the “Zarbdor” rural community assembly in Guzar district Rano Jonquvvatova, teacher of the Shakhrisabz pedagogy college, a winner of the Zulfiya state prize Shakhnoza Kholmakhmatova, chairman of the regional association of trade unions Eson Rajabov and others noted that the transformations and renovation, carried out under the leadership of the head of state, in Uzbekistan, including Kashkadarya region, supports improvement of the level and quality of life of the population. This encourages the independently and creatively thinking youth to master modern knowledge and professions, reach new high achievements. 

The meetings and talks of President Islam Karimov during the visit of Surkhandarya and Kashkadarya regions, expressed views once again demonstrated high results of the wide-scale reforms, aimed at further flourishing of our Homeland and increasing the welfare of the people.