Weightlifters of our country won one gold, three silver and three bronze medals in the World Weightlifting Championship among athletes under the age of 20 years, which took place in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Under the leadership of the President of our country special attention is paid to the development of sport and physical education as an important means of upbringing harmoniously developed generation. Due to this athletes of our country achieve high results at the prestigious competitions. 

In the championship, with the participation of more than 250 athletes from 47 countries, our weightlifter Farhod Sobirov on the results of a double-event in the weight category up to 94 kg showed the result of 373 kilograms and won first place. With a score of 170 kg in the snatch and 203 kg in the clean and jerk - our weightlifter also won two silver medals. 

Among the athletes in the weight category up to 77 kg, Shahzod Hudoyberganov with the result of 184 kg in the clean and jerk won the silver medal. 

In female competitions, in weight category under 58 kg, Muattar Nabieva showed the result of 95 kg in the snatch and 112 kg in the clean and jerk, and with a total score of 207 kg - won three bronze medals. 

Source: Uza.uz