On September 16, the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in cooperation with the Academy of arts of Uzbekistan will organize a photo exhibition "Magic Slovakia". The event will take place at the Tashkent House of photography.

The exhibition is organized in the framework of the presidency of the Slovak Republic in the Council of the European Union in the second half of this year.

The exhibition will feature 30 photos illustrating Slovakia, a country located in the heart of Central Europe, between the Danube and the High Tatras mountains. The author of the photographs is a prominent Slovak photographer Ladislav Struhár, a qualified European photographer. Deep understanding of nature and architecture, as well as a love of impressionism reflected in his works create a unique, creative style. The exhibition presents the diverse natural and urban landscapes and scenery, historical and modern architectural buildings of Slovakia, which will undoubtedly attract the attention of visitors with their beauty, bright colors and skill of the photographer.

Ladislav Struhár was born on 27 may 1954, in 1974 he finished high school of Art industry in Bratislava, Slovakia. Today he lives and creates his works in the city of Hlohovec. His creations focused on the landscape, advertising and architectural photography. Ladislav Struhár is the author of 15 photo publications. He was awarded such important prizes as the "Slovak Gold" and "Most beautiful book of Slovakia". Struhár has exhibited his works at many independent exhibitions in Slovakia and abroad. Some of his works are purchased by private collectors in Europe, America and Asia. Struhár is one of the founding members of the Association of professional photographers of Slovakia. In 2009, the Federation of European professional photographers in Brussels awarded him the degree QEP (Qualified European photographer) in 2 categories: landscape photography and illustrative photography.