14:34 / 03.11.2016
Film crew of program "Let's go, let's eat!" visits Khorezm

On October 6, with the support of "Uzbektourism" NC, the film crew of popular program "Let's go, let's eat!" has visited to Khorezm.

The aim of this cooperation is to acquaint the Russian-speaking CIS viewers with historical and cultural sites and tourist potential of regions of our country.

Due to this program, the audience will not only get acquainted with the preparations of various dishes of the Uzbek national cuisine, but also by the example of cities-jewels of East to get a deeper knowledge of the rich history, unique customs and traditions of the Uzbek people.

The group was headed by a popular host, connoisseur of culinary art John Warren.

In order to familiarize with the ecological potential of the region, the guests visited the tourist complex "Harrot" where tourists can enjoy the most delicious fish dishes from the Amu Darya river. Moreover, the guests participated in the preparation of pilaf shivit, tukhum barracks and cadi barracks in the restaurant of hotel "Kheivak".

The main part of the filming took place in the territory of the state museum-reserve of Ichan Kala - the historical monuments"Juma masjid", madrassas "Muhammad Rahimhon Feruz" mausoleum "Pahlovon Mahmoud" as well as near the monument to the great scholar of the middle ages Muhammad Muso Al-Khorazmiy.