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13:10 / 22.01.2019 343

Uzbekistan delegation to visit the U.S. to discuss issues of abolishing “boycott of major brands” on Uzbek textile products

On February 4-6, 2019, the government delegation of Uzbekistan, which includes Deputy Prime Minister Tanzila Narboyeva and Minister of Employment and Labor Relations Sherzod Kudbiyev, will visit the United States, the press service of the MFA reported.

According to the Embassy of Uzbekistan in the United States, representatives of the government of our country, responsible for the eradication of forced labor, will take part in the annual meeting of the global coalition “Cotton Campaign” in Washington.

The Cotton Campaign is a global coalition of human rights, labor, investor and business organizations dedicated to eradicating child labor and forced labor in cotton production.

The main goal of the delegation’s visit is to develop further cooperation mechanisms aimed at abolishing the so-called “boycott of major brands” of the United States with respect to Uzbekistan’s textile products.

The program of the visit includes meetings with representatives of human rights organizations, the largest American associations of manufacturers, retailers and trade union organizations, the American Clothing and Footwear Association, the US Fashion Industry Association, the American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations and others, as well as leading foreign brands such as Nike, Zara, GAP, Levi's, H & M, UNIQLO and many others.

The Embassy of Uzbekistan reports that the government delegation will also hold talks with representatives of the White House, the leadership of the State Department, the Department of Labor, the Office of the US Trade Representative and other international financial institutions.