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Central Bank fined 28 banks in 2018

In 2018, the Central Bank has banned some banking operations against 12 banks for violation of banking legislation. In addition, 28 banks were fined with totaling 20,5 billion soums in this regard.

According to the CB's report, temporary ban envisages cessation of certain banking operations, termination of dividend payments (10 banks), participation in tenders of currency exchange (1 bank), attraction of population deposits, active operations with the bank's clients and foreign banks (Hi-Techbank , Ravnaqbank, Universalbank).

Penalties have been issued for the following cases:

a) in 13 banks, on the violations revealed in accordance with the inspection results - 5,9 billion UZS;

b) in 24 banks, in regards to fraudulent transactions - 5,1 billion UZS;

c) in 24 banks, due to non-observance of economic norms - 4,2 billion UZS;

d) in 8 banks, due to non-observance of requirements of internal control rules - 3,8 billion UZS;

e) in 2 banks, for violations of the rights of consumers of banking services - 120 million UZS (this fine was introduced recently).

Liquidity and open currency position standards under economic norms were not respected by banks.

The amount of fines imposed on banks during this period varies from 50 million to 2 billion soums: from 6 banks in the amount of 250 million soums, from 7 banks in the amount of 250 million - 500 million soums, from another 7 banks in the amount of 500 million 500 million - 1 billion soums and from 8 banks - 1 billion to 2 billion soums.

Apart from banks, nine microcrediting organizations were imposed fines in the amount of 170 million soums and 3 pawnshops - 27,6 million soums.

In line with the measures taken in 2018, the Central Bank has instructed the crediting organization managers to take measures to eliminate the revealed violations and prevent their future occurrence.

It is noted that in 2019, the Central Bank will continue to implement strict control over crediting institutions' compliance with banking legislation, as well as apply preventive measures to avoid infringements.