14:06 / 26.01.2019
Nexia was among the most demanded cars on the secondary market in Russia last year

Nexia entered the TOP-10 foreign cars that were in demand on the secondary market in Russia last year, Kun.uz correspondent reports with reference to the data from Avtostat.

A total of 59,600 Nexia cars were sold in 2018. This figure is 8% worse than a year earlier. Nexia ranked ninth in the ranking.

The leader in popularity in the secondary market of foreign cars in 2018 was the Ford Focus, with 137,500 cars being sold in 2018 (4% more than in 2017).

It should be recalled that the company GM Uzbekistan sold 5184 Ravon cars in Russia last year. At the same time, the latest sales of the Uzbek Ravon assembly occurred in May, when 508 cars were sold. After that, the delivery of cars to salons in the Russian Federation was discontinued. This decision was connected with the revision of prices for models supplied to Russia, as well as the general policy of the auto concern.

“The revision of prices is associated with a change in the national currency rates of Russia and Uzbekistan and an increase in utilization rates in the Russian Federation. The change in the business model accompanied the rebranding and the launch of the updated model line and continues with the development of the Ravon brand, projects for launching new products for the Russian market and expanding the dealer network,” Ravon Motors Rus, representing GM Uzbekistan in the Russian Federation, reported then.

In the middle of December last year, the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Uzavtosanoat for development and marketing Umidjon Salimov said that the company had started test deliveries of cars to Russia.

According to him, one train of 130 sets of cars was sent to Kazakhstan, from where, after assembly, the finished products will go to dealers in Russia.

“These cars were shipped to determine the market conditions. It is very important for us to know how people will react to the new price factor,” he said.

Nevertheless, today on the official website of Ravon it is impossible to purchase any of the models offered on the Russian market. No car has a price inscription. Instead it is said “being revised”.