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Population income increased by 10% in 2018 – State Statistics Committee

The real growth rate of the aggregate income of the population of Uzbekistan in 2018 was 10.3%, the State Statistics Committee calculated it.

The aggregate income of the population amounted to 286,3 trillion soums, per capita – 8,8 million soums.

Please note: aggregate income is the gross income before deducting from it mandatory and other deductions. It includes cash income and regular income. This is an important indicator of the population’s level of well-being.

Real aggregate per capita income was 7,3 million soums. The Committee notes that real incomes of the population characterize nominal incomes taking into account changes in prices and tariffs, representing the real purchasing power of people with nominal incomes.

Considering the price changes in 2018, the simple per capita income became 8,4%.

In some regions, the nominal income exceeded the national average — Tashkent city (16,2 million soums), Navoi region (13,5 million soums), Bukhara region (10,8 million soums), Khorezm region (9,1 million soums), and Tashkent region (9 million soums).

The main incomes (71%) of Uzbeks were received from labor activity. Transfers accounted for 23,5%, property income – 3,5%, the remaining is 1,8% – income from own production of services for oneself.

Transfers are divided into social and other current. Social benefits include pensions, allowances and stipends. The other includes money transfers and others.

The most income of the residents depends on money transfers from abroad: Khorezm regiom – 23,2%, Samarkand – 19,3%, Andijan – 19% and Surkhandarya – 17,4%.