8460.92 USD +2.76

9439 EUR -62.05

131.06 RUB +1.32

10760.6 GBP -234.16

14:21 / 18.02.2019 289

New board of the Republican Stock Exchange “Toshkent” is approved 

The board includes the chairman of the board, the chief accountant and the deputy head of the analysis and perspective development department. 
New composition of the Republican Stock Exchange (RSE) “Toshkent”: 
- Usmanov Bekzod – Chairman of the Board; 
- Jurayev Valeriy – deputy head of the department of analysis and future development; 
- Niyazova Elmira – chief accountant. 
The corresponding decision was made by the supervisory board of the RSE “Toshkent”.