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US to help introduce “smart farm” and support start-ups of Uzbekistan 

The United States will help introduce “smart farming” in Uzbekistan, follows from the press service of the Ministry of Innovation Development. 
Representatives of the ministry agreed on this during a visit to Mississippi. Valmont Industries, Inc. will help to create a modern innovative irrigation system with “smart technology to control” the consumption of water resources in the agricultural lands of Uzbekistan according to advanced technologies of the company based on direct investments. At the initial stage, a pilot project is planned to be implemented on one of the sown lands of a farm with 100 hectares. 
Valmont Industries, Inc. occupies a leading position in the field of engineering structures and irrigation systems, is the largest developer and supplier of irrigation technology and equipment and operates in more than 23 countries. The size of the company's market capitalization is more than $3 billion. 
The company is ready to carry out project development, supply commissioning of irrigation equipment for rain irrigation in the sown areas selected for the project, as well as training of service personnel. 
Minister of Innovation Development Ibrokhim Abdurakhmanov met with the President of the Innovate Mississippi, during which they discussed expansion of cooperation between the research communities of parties in the field of innovation, science and technology. 
The parties agreed to interact with the accelerator for scientific projects C.A.T. Science Accelerator, cooperation with the American side on the formation of start-up ecosystems in Uzbekistan, support for start-up teams through consulting mentors online, acceleration of courses and seminars from the Innovate Mississippi side and attracting investments to finance innovative projects. 
For information, Innovate Mississippi is a non-profit organization providing innovative and technological development for the Mississippi economy. The association is specialized in helping innovation-based start-up companies, inventors and entrepreneurs to strengthen the state's innovative economy in manufacturing, renewable energy, providing support to stimulate investment and business development for innovative companies and organizations.