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20:45 / 08.05.2019 264

Currency counterfeiters detained in Tashkent

Law enforcement officers detained a group of currency counterfeiters in Tashkent.

According to the press service of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of Tashkent, on the night of May 4, four young people arrived in Chilanzar district to sell counterfeit national currency bills in denominations of 100,000 soums. They sold 7 such bills to a 23-year-old girl. At the same time, the girl paid off one of these bills to a 33-year-old driver of the Nexia car, engaged in private transportations. The driver, having discovered that the bill was fake, reported this to the traffic police inspectors of Tashkent city, who were performing duties nearby.

“As a result of the measures taken, the vehicle, on which the above-mentioned young people arrived, was identified. On May 4, at about 3:30 am, the car was discovered and stopped. Upon checking the car in the glove compartment, 51 fake banknotes in denominations of 100,000 soums, 25 sheets of A4 paper with printed national currency bills and a Canon printer used in the fabrication of counterfeit banknotes were found,” the police department said.

According to the forensic examination, all 58 bills with a face value of 100,000 soums, seized in the case, are fake.

The press service of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate stated that a criminal case has been initiated against young people under part 2 of Article 176 of the Criminal Code.

In the course of the preliminary investigation conducted at the Yunusabad district Department of Internal Affairs, one of the detainees admitted that they sold fake banknotes in various parts of the city of Tashkent.