21:01 / 08.05.2019
Green Card 2019 results announced. How many people from Uzbekistan became lottery winners in 2018?
Photo: Depositphotos

On May 7, the Green Card 2019 results were publicized. It can be checked on the site dvlottery.state.gov by entering a special code.

Since 1990, each year 50,000 Green Cards will be issued to people from all over the world. The official name of this lottery is “Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery”, popularly known as the Green Card. Hundreds of millions of people apply for it to achieve their “American dream”.

The goal of the Green Card Lottery is to create equal opportunities for the nations which are least represented in the United States. The program is organized once a year in partnership with the US State Department, Citizenship and Immigration Services, and American Immigration Agencies.

This year’s DV-2020 program (Green Card) will also issue 50,000 visas. Winners are randomly selected by the computer. Visas are limited by country and region. No country can get more than 7% (over 3,500) of the allotted quota. European and African countries are given preferences. Citizens of any country may participate in the program, except for countries with high rates of immigration (Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, Great Britain, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan).

According to statistics of the Green Card Lottery 2018, the largest lottery winners (4199 people) are citizens of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Egypt (4185) occupied the 2nd place. The TOP-3 list was concluded by Ukraine (4025). Also, Ethiopia (3856) – 4th, Russia (3641) – 5th, Nepal (3633) – 6th and Uzbekistan (3461) – 7th, are among the TOP-10 countries.

Uzbekistan is the leader among Central Asian countries. In the neighboring states, the indicator is much lower. For example, 886 people in Kazakhstan, 693 in Kyrgyzstan, 1171 in Tajikistan and 258 in Turkmenistan were able to win the lottery.