15:41 / 11.05.2019
First stage of three-level interchange construction completed in Tashkent

In Tashkent, at the intersection of Akhangaran and Makhtumkuli streets, the main part of the construction works of a three-level interchange have been completed

The builders completed the laying of the tunnel, construction-installation work is underway. Also, six main supports of the overpass part have been installed, three of them have been bolts fixed.

According to the JSC Uzbekistan Railways, more than 150,000 cubic meters of earthworks and more than 11,000 cubic meters of concrete work were performed. The engineering-technical staff and professional personnel - rebar workers, concrete workers, road workers and many other specialists - work almost around the clock.

The first stage of construction covers building a tunnel with a length of 502 meters, a width of 26.7 meters and a vertical dimension of 5.5 meters. Each direction of the road will be three-lane.

At the second stage of construction, it is planned to erect a circular overpass, which will be 50 meters in diameter and 1 meter above the ground level.

The third stage includes a unique overpass connecting Airport-Vostochny and Makhtumkuli streets. This part of the junction will be 593 meters long, 26 meters wide and also three lanes in each direction. The section of the road will provide ease of movement for drivers moving towards the cities of Parkent, Chirchik and Bostanlyk of the Tashkent region.

Commissioning of a new and unique engineering structure is planned in the second half of this year.