11:50 / 18.05.2019
Speedtest: Uzbekistan falls into further decline on mobile Internet speed
Photo: ТАСС

Speedtest.net internet-service, administered by the Irish company Ookla, has published a monthly rating of the Speedtest Global Index, which contains data on mobile and fixed broadband Internet speed in the world as of April 2019.

Uzbekistan ranked 129th on mobile internet speed (9.8 Mbps) and 124th on fixed broadband internet speed (13.5 Mbps). In March, Uzbekistan held 127th and 131st positions respectively.

Norway occupied the first place by mobile Internet speed (65.41 Mbit/s), while Singapore ranked top by fixed broadband Internet speed (197.50 Mbit/s). 

Speedtest calculates the speed and generates a rating based on its own data received from users who use the service to check the speed of their connection.