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14:59 / 21.05.2019 131

STC sums up results of skills check exams in four districts of Tashkent

The State Tax Committee (STC) continues conducting skills check exams of the capital’s tax authority employees. In the second week, four more district of Tashkent — Chilanzar, Bektemir, Sergeli, and Yashnabad — passed the test.

According to the results of the inspection in the State Tax Inspectorate of the Chilanzar district, 33% of employees successfully passed the test, 34% did not pass and 33% passed conditionally.

46% of the Bektemir district employees coped with the task well, 22% failed and 32% passed conditionally.

Inspections in the Sergeli district show 46% positive, 30% negative and 24% moderate results, while these indicators are 39%, 38% and 22% in the Yashnabad district, respectively.

STC employees of the Almazar and Shaykhontakhur districts will also have to take the test soon.