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10:45 / 27.05.2019 186

A group of US congressmen to visit Uzbekistan twice this year

Photo: U.S. Department of State

Delegation of Uzbekistan, consisting of the Senate Committee Chairman Alisher Kurmanov and the Islamic Civilization Center Director Shoazim Minovarov, held talks with members of the Caucus on Uzbekistan in the US House of Representatives, Trent Kelly, Vicente Gonzalez and Michael Guest.

According to the press service of the MFA, Caucus on Uzbekistan is one of the “youngest” structures on Capitol Hill, created at the end of last year following a meeting between President Shavkat Mirziyoyev and a group of US lawmakers in May 2018. Its co-chairs are Congressmen Trent Kelly and Vicente Gonzalez, representing the Republican and Democratic Party in the House of Representatives.

The main topic of discussion at the meeting was intensification of the inter-parliamentary dialogue between Uzbekistan and the United States. An exchange of views also took place on the prospects for further expansion of Uzbek-American cooperation in the field of trade and investment, as well as cultural and humanitarian ties.

The parties noted that the continuation of US congressmen’s visit to Uzbekistan will be important in expanding cooperation between the Oliy Majlis and the US Congress. An agreement was reached on the organization in August and November of two trips of congressmen to the republic.

The issue of revitalizing the work on wide dissemination of information about the history and culture of our country in the US Congress was also discussed with members of the Caucus. Congressmen supported the initiative of the Embassy to hold “Pilaf Days” on Capitol Hill, as well as the exhibition of cultural artifacts of Uzbekistan at the Library of Congress.