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14:46 / 21.06.2019 401

Draft strategy for Uzbekistan’s transition to “green” economy published

Photo: Shutterstock

The Center for Hydrometeorological Service has published a draft presidential decree, which approves the strategy of Uzbekistan’s transition to a green economy.

The draft document says that the energy intensity of Uzbekistan’s economy is three times higher than the world average, and the level of greenhouse gas emissions remains as one of the highest among the CIS countries.

The main goal of the strategy is to achieve sustainable economic progress, which contributes to social development, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, climate and environmental sustainability through the integration of the principles of a “green” economy into the implemented structural reforms.

The main directions include such sectors as “Constructions”, “Transport”, “Forestry”, “Education and Science” and much more.

In the transport sector, tasks to expand the production and use of electric vehicles, cars with hybrid engines are indicated. In the “Constructions” sector the widespread introduction of a “closed” heat supply system for central heating is at the center of attention and in the “Creating favorable environment” sector - introducing a system of “green” lending and venture financing attracts the main focus.

There is also a detailed action plan.

One can learn more about the project, submit suggestions and comments to it until July 5.