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16:30 / 21.06.2019 725

Senators approve Laws “On Tourism” and “On Personal Data”

At the 20th plenary session of the Senate, the laws “On Tourism”, “On Personal Data” and “On the Accounts Chamber of the Republic of Uzbekistan” were approved.

The Law “On Tourism” stipulates that the State Committee for Tourism Development is an authorized state body in the field of tourism.

The law determines the main directions of state policy in the tourism sector, forms and types of tourism, tourism industry and the types of services in it, tourist zones and tourist clusters, conditions for carrying out activities in the field of tourism, especially the formation, promotion and sale of tourism products, as well as rights and responsibilities of the subjects of tourism.

In accordance with the Law “On Personal Data”, personal data is information relating to an individual allowing identification of the person (recorded in electronic form, on paper and/or on another form).

The state center of personalization under the government is determined as the authorized state body in the field of personal data.