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16:42 / 24.06.2019 338

Sharp rise in import of palm oil worries deputies

Photo: organicfacts.net

A sharp increase in palm oil import worried deputies, the press service of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis reported.

It turned out that in the previous three years, Uzbekistan annually imported about 50,000 tons of palm oil. But in January-May 2019, this figure was already 31,000 tons.

According to the Ministry of Health, palm oil is harmful to human health. If you constantly use it even in small portions, it will lead to serious consequences.

According to the World Health Organization, there is a high incidence of diseases associated with the cardiovascular system in 23 countries-leaders of palm oil import.

World experience also shows that many entrepreneurs add palm oil to ice cream, sour cream, kaymak, butter and other products, as it is one of the cheapest oils in the world. This is the only advantage of it.

Deputies were also concerned about this issue as the number of appeals from the population is increasing. In connection with all of this, it was proposed to study the issue more deeply, learn about foreign experience and create special working groups. It was noted that many developed countries completely banned the import of palm oil.

As a result, the deputies have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to involve experts and specialists in the process, to continue studying and analyzing. Following the results of all the work, an appropriate decision will be made.