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Uzbekistan to develop anti-corruption business charter

Photo: Andres Putting

Today, Uzbekistan is improving the legal framework, laws have been adopted that are aimed at ensuring transparency and accountability of the activities of government bodies, the press service of the business ombudsman said.

Currently, a number of key anti-corruption reforms have been implemented. In particular, the law “On countering corruption” was adopted, which established the legal framework, as well as the mechanisms for implementation of anti-corruption measures, and identified the bodies responsible for these tasks.

Nevertheless, some aspects in the field of entrepreneurship need to be improved and developed. In this regard, an anti-corruption business charter will be developed in Uzbekistan.

The anti-corruption business charter is a document introducing voluntary self-restriction of business entities from their implementation of corrupt practices. By joining the Charter, entrepreneurs confirm their zero tolerance for corruption.

This Charter will establish voluntary commitments of business entities and will be aimed at implementation and introduction of additional mechanisms to prevent and combat corruption in business.

First of all, the Charter will be aimed at formation and implementation of special anti-corruption measures in the private sector, which will strengthen internal control procedures, as well as ensure strict ethical rules when participating in government procurement, raising law-abiding relationships between businesses by their clients and the state.

The Charter will provide optimal conditions for entrepreneurial activity, increasing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as serve as a mechanism to assist in formation of an anti-corruption culture in doing business, adhering to legislation in the field of entrepreneurship, which are more relevant today than ever.