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21:55 / 25.06.2019 280

Uzbekistan to introduce utilization fee for vehicles and agricultural equipment

Photo: Sputnik

Uzbekistan has developed a draft law on the introduction of a recycling fee for domestic manufacturers of engineering products and its importers. This was announced on Tuesday by the department head of Uzagrotekhsanoatkholding Khasan Nasibov.

The size of the utilization fee will be approved by a government decree. 

“Producers and importers of agricultural machinery and other vehicles will be payers of the utilization fee,” Nasibov said. 

According to him, introduction of the collection will not lead to higher prices for agricultural equipment. “Buyers should not panic, prices will remain at the same level,” the representative of the holding company said. 

At the same time, he stressed that the state does not plan to use the utilization fee as a protectionist measure, as it is done in some countries.   

“The state will not compensate for the collection for local producers. We are not introducing it for protectionism. Recycling collection is an environmental aspect, it saves the environment. Many look at it as protectionism, but we have moved away from it,” Nasibov noted.