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19:39 / 28.06.2019 294

Russia, Kazakhstan, China to open petrol station networks in Uzbekistan

Photo: vladtime.ru

Companies from Russia, Kazakhstan and China are planning to open their networks of petrol stations in Uzbekistan, chairman of the board of Uzbekneftegaz Bakhodir Sidikov said.

“We aim to open the market for petroleum products. The first steps in this direction have been made, we have a gas station that receives high-quality imported fuel from Lukoil. The second step is that in the near future, we will start working with the Russian Tatneft on the operation of its gas stations on our territory. We are also working on the issue of creating a network of gas stations with Kazakhstani and Chinese partners,” Sidikov noted without specifying the names of companies. 

The joint venture for the operation of gas stations with Kazakh partners will import raw materials to the Bukhara Oil Refinery with the subsequent sale of gasoline at the domestic market. 

Sidikov does not exclude the sale of Kazakhstani oil products in Uzbekistan, “if they can compete with the prices that we have today.” “We aim to open the market in order to provide it with sufficient quantity,” he noted. 

Reportedly, Tatneft has established the LLC “Tatneft-AZS-Tashkent” in Uzbekistan. The oil company registered its sales subsidiary in the city of Nurafshon (Tashkent region) on December 26, 2018.