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State Statistics Committee announces 0.5% deflation in the market of Uzbekistan

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For the first time since the beginning of the year, the State Statistics Committee recorded a deflation.

This happened in June - the average price level fell, and deflation was 0.5%. The level of prices for goods for the month decreased by 0.8%, including for food products - by 1.8%. Non-food products became more expensive for the month by 0.6%, services - by 0.7%. 

In general, in January-June 2019, goods and services became more expensive by 5.6%. Compared to June 2018, the average price level increased by 13.6%. The decline in prices is significantly due to seasonal trends and a massive decrease in prices for commodities in the fruit and vegetable group, the committee explains.

Since the beginning of the year, food products have risen in price by 5.9%, non-food products - by 5.2%, services - by 5.3%. In annual terms (June 2019 compared to June 2018), food products became more expensive by 16.3%, non-food products - by 10.9%, services - by 12.9%.

Non-alcoholic beverages and meat products (1.4% and 0.8% respectively), as well as alcoholic beverages and public catering (0.7%) hold the leading positions in price growth in June of the current year.

Prices for fresh tomatoes (by 57.2%) and cucumbers (by 52.1%) decreased the most in a month. This is followed by cabbage (by 36.3%), watermelons (by 22.1%) and melons (by 10.7%). Against this background, there was an increase in prices for onions (by 31.1%), citrus fruits (by 1.4%) and beets (by 0.1%).