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12:11 / 04.07.2019 338

People propose to build new railway line

On the collective reference portal “My opinion”, a petition on construction of the Gurlan-Amudarya railway line was posted.

“I propose to construct a new railway through the Gurlan and Shovot districts of the Khorezm region, as well as the Amudarya district of Karakalpakstan and connect with the railway Miskin-Nukus” the petitioner writes.

It is reported that at present, the Saratov-Tashkent and Volgograd-Tashkent trains run through the Nukus-Miskin-Urgench route for about 200 kilometers in order to enter Urgench (passes through Urgench and returns from Miskin station) and passengers lose nearly 3 hours.

That is, if the proposed route is put into operation, it will reduce the travel time by 2-3 hours, which is of great economic efficiency. Besides, new jobs will be created in the Gurlan and Amudarya districts. Delivery of goods will become much cheaper.

“Taking into account the aforesaid, we propose to build the Gurlan-Amudarya railway line,” the petition said.