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21:05 / 05.07.2019 337

Uzbektelecom reports on its profit for 2018

In 2018, net income of Uzbektelecom amounted to 139.2 billion soums (an increase of 113% compared to the previous year), profitability of operations – 5.8%. This is stated in the annual report published on the company’s website. It should be recalled that on June 28, the annual general meeting of shareholders devoted to the results of last year was held.

The company’s revenues from telecommunications services rendered amounted to 2.4 trillion soums, an increase of 66% compared with 2017.

Most of the company’s revenues are generated by proceeds from international telecom operators – 44.5%. At the same time, the share of revenues from mobile communication amounted to 24.2%, from fixed broadband Internet access – 17.5% and from other communication services – 13.8%. Revenues from international telecom operators in 2018 amounted to 1 trillion soums (the growth rate vs. 2017 – 53%).

The company sees the greatest potential for sustaining revenue growth in the provision and development of promising services based on data transmission and mobile services.

The growth rate of revenues from Internet access and mobile communication services in 2018 was 35% and 173%, respectively. Profits from channel rental services amounted to 159.2 billion soums (growth rate compared to 2017 was 177%).

Revenues from wired (local, long-distance and international) telephone services in 2018 amounted to 148.4 billion soums (growth rate vs. 2017 was 2%). Other income from non-core services amounted to 82.7 billion soums. Income from financial activities amounted to 94 billion soums.