21:55 / 06.07.2019
Uzbekistan repatriates orphan children from Afghanistan
Photo: AFP 2018 / Shah Marai

With the help of the State Security Service, Uzbekistan repatriated orphan children (citizens) from Afghanistan, UzA reported.

According to the agency, the family from the Andijan region fell under the influence of one of the terrorist groups and moved to Pakistan.

The couple joined the “Turkistan Islamic Movement” group, which is recognized as a terrorist group in the world. They also brought their three children to Pakistan.

For a long time the family lived in wanderings. During the fighting clashes with the troops of Pakistan, the spouse was killed.

The widow, after a while, married to a member of the terrorist organization. Later on, they moved to Afghanistan with their children, where they had another daughter. However, the spouse died after a long illness.

A year ago, the SSS in collaboration with foreign agencies, returned two children from this family to their motherland and gave them to the mother of the deceased. Recently, the State Security Service reported that the remaining children were also taken to Uzbekistan.