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18:22 / 06.07.2019 289

“Uzeltekhsanoat” association Chair resigns from office 

Chairman of the Board of the “Uzeltekhsanoat” association Alisher Abdullayev resigned from office, Kun.uz source reported.

Alisher Abdullayev was appointed chairman of the “Uzeltekhsanoat” association in March this year.

According to the source, his post was taken by the representative of the “Artel engineering and management” company Mirziyod Yunusov, who worked at a managerial position.

It should be recalled that the main task of the “Uzeltekhsanoat” association is to develop a strategy for the sustainable development of industry as a single complex for processing of raw materials, production and export of finished products with high added value, including through the expansion and support of industrial cooperation. 

The “Uzeltekhsanoat” association was established in 1994 by transforming Uzbek state Concern of the radio-electronic, electro-technical industry and instrument engineering “Radioelektrontekhasbob” in accordance with the presidential decree “On measures to further deepen economic reforms, ensure the protection of private property and develop entrepreneurship”, by a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers and the decision of founders.