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22:53 / 10.07.2019 251

Uznefteprodukt to put 1381 petrol stations up for auction

According to a presidential decree, 1381 Uznefteprodukt petrol stations that service farmers will be put up for sale.

The stations will be sold with the introduction of an alternative system to ensure the availability of fuel and lubricants in remote and hard-to-reach locations.

They will also begin to gradually transfer to the management of private operators not only gas stations, but also gas supply facilities assigned to regional and interdistrict gas supply branches or their sections.

It is expected that this will allow exploitation of gas distribution networks and related equipment, as well as sell natural gas to consumers under public-private partnership.

In addition, Uzbekneftegaz will sell non-core assets, including those envisaged for sale on previously adopted government decisions. They will be sold by applying a step-by-step reduction of the starting price in the absence of bidders within a month from the date of bidding.