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17:08 / 20.07.2019 306

White House representative: Uzbekistan is close to become a regional economic power

Lisa Curtis / Photo: MFA

Deputy Assistant to the President of the United States Lisa Curtis said that Uzbekistan is increasingly approaching the realization of its full potential as a “regional economic power”.

According to the Foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan, the country’s delegation headed by FM Abdulaziz Kamilov held in Washington a presentation about the investment potential of the capital market in Uzbekistan, within the framework of which the Deputy Assistant to the US President Lisa Curtis, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Alice Wells, and also Chairman of the American-Uzbek Chamber of Commerce (AUCC) Carolyn Lamm delivered speeches.

In her speech, Lisa Curtis noted that over the past 2,5 years Uzbekistan has positioned itself as a source of change in the region, which is being revived as a true crossroads of trade and transit. According to a representative of the US administration, transformation and change in Uzbekistan have revived regional cooperation.

She stressed that Washington welcomes changes in the republic in the economic and judicial spheres, including the accession of Uzbekistan to the Geneva Conventions in the field of protection of intellectual rights. This step, as noted by the representative of the White House, will certainly increase the competitiveness of the Uzbek economy and its attractiveness for business and investment. 
In conclusion, she stated that despite many challenges and difficulties with each step on the path of reforms, Uzbekistan is increasingly approaching the realization of its full potential as a “regional economic power”. “The United States is firm in supporting the independence and sovereignty of Uzbekistan and eagerly awaits partnership in order to achieve such a bright future,” Lisa Curtis said.

Referring to the current level of Uzbek-American relations, Alice Wells noted that “the prospects for cooperation between the two countries have no borders”. The US is ready to achieve concrete results in expanding cooperation with Uzbekistan “as quickly as possible”. The administration is ready to be as responsive as possible to the reform agenda of the President Shavkat Mirziyoyev. She stressed that today the dialogue between Tashkent and Washington is developing in such key areas as trade and investment, education, cultural-humanitarian ties.

Alice Wells stressed that the US administration will support further expansion of the dialogue “between the nations, governments, businesses of the two countries”. The ultimate goal of Washington, as stated by the State Department spokesperson, is “to restart and expand the historical partnership with Uzbekistan in every possible way”.