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16:47 / 21.07.2019 510

Sociological survey shows 70% of young people do not want to leave Uzbekistan under any circumstances 

Photo: UzA

The “Yuksalish” nationwide movement in partnership with UNICEF conducted a sociological survey “Youth of Uzbekistan: aspirations, needs and risks”. It was attended by 4,500 young people aged 14 to 30 years from all regions of the country. 

Almost half of the respondents noted that such areas as social protection, employment, healthcare, education, and business support for young people, need systemic improvement. On average, 70% of survey participants responded that they did not want to leave Uzbekistan under any circumstances. But at the same time, boys and girls reported that they faced difficulties in finding suitable jobs. 

Recently, another survey, organized by the “Yuksalish” nationwide movement among Telegram users through a specially created channel “Jamoatchilik fikri” (“Public opinion”), was completed. The survey involved 6,781 people.

To the question – “In your opinion, what additional measures should be taken in Uzbekistan to effectively use the potential of young people?” – 34% of respondents (2,336 people) indicated the need to cease the practice of forced membership in the Youth Union, to pay attention to quality, not quantity. 

As 916 respondents (14%) stated, initiatives should come from the youth themselves, and not dictated from above. 13% (910 people) of respondents believe that it is necessary to reform the activities of organizations working with young people. In turn, 11% (758 people) of respondents believe that it is necessary to ensure the direct participation of young people in the development of youth state policy. 

603 participants (9%) believe that the approach to working with young people should be changed. 580 people are of the opinion that the expenditure of budgetary funds allocated to the work with young people should be open. 5% of respondents drew attention to the fact that other NGOs should be supported in working with young people, specific short-term and long-term goals and indicators should be developed in this area.