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12:50 / 01.08.2019 229

18 citizens of Uzbekistan released from labor slavery in Moscow region

Photo: 24.kz

In the Moscow region, 18 citizens of Uzbekistan were released from labor slavery, the press service of the Foreign Ministry said.

The consular department of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Russia confirmed the information circulated in the media that the police detained people in the Moscow region who were “suspected of holding 18 Uzbek citizens in slavery.” A criminal case has been initiated, an investigation is underway.

The embassy took control of the situation, issues are being resolved, including those related to the issuance of certificates for returning of affected compatriots to Uzbekistan.

The citizens of Uzbekistan located in the Central Federal District of Russia and Armenia were reminded that, if necessary, they can contact the Embassy in Moscow at: +7 (499) 230 00 76, +7 (499) 238 36 20.