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18:16 / 07.08.2019 199

About 60 citizens of Uzbekistan hospitalized in Samara Oblast due to poisoning still remain under treatment

Nearly 60 Uzbeks still remain in hospitals after being poisoned in the Samara Oblast, RIA Novosti reports citing a representative of the region’s Ministry of Health.

“Fifty-seven citizens of Uzbekistan are in medical institutions of the Samara Oblast, another 12 were discharged,” representative of the Health Ministry said. 

On July 17, 69 citizens of Uzbekistan, poisoned as a result of consuming an unknown substance, were hospitalized in the Samara Oblast.

Several Uzbeks came to the village of Koshelevka in the Syzran district, Samara Oblast to engage in agricultural work. According to the MFA, they worked at the “Koshelevsky posad” enterprise.

The employer has already stated that the company will cover all financial costs associated with the treatment of citizens of Uzbekistan. Reportedly, all of them worked legally and have labor agreements.

The causes of mass poisoning are still being investigated.

The Foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan has taken control of the situation.