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21:20 / 13.08.2019 191

Uzbekistan, AIIB discuss implementation of joint projects in Afghanistan

Uzbekistan and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) plan to implement joint projects in Afghanistan. This was stated today by the Minister of Investment and Foreign Trade of Uzbekistan Sardor Umurzakov.

“We discussed the potential for joint work on projects in Afghanistan,” Umurzakov said during a business briefing with the participation of AIIB President Jin Liqun. However, he noted that specific projects have not yet been identified. 

The other day, the AIIB delegation visited Bukhara before the start of the project to upgrade the entire infrastructure of the Bukhara region.

“Implementation of the project will make it possible to bring the region’s drinking water supply to 99%. We want to build and reconstruct roads throughout the region. The project, which is unique for us, covers 100% of the roads,” Umurzakov said. 

The Minister also added that AIIB, in co-financing with the World Bank, may join the project “Obod qishloq” (“Prosperous village”), as well as the project on electrification of the railway line “Bukhara-Misken-Urgench-Khiva”. Umurzakov also named other important projects, such as financing of a road reconstruction in Karakalpakstan and construction of affordable housing in Samarkand. 

It should be recalled that this year AIIB and Uzbekistan signed an agreement on the implementation of a complex of projects in the field of water supply, sanitation and road construction in the Bukhara region for a total amount of over $600 million.