14:30 / 19.09.2019
Uzbekistan to introduce Media Ombudsman Office
Photo: Shutterstock

A draft presidential decree “On approval of the concept of a unified information policy of Uzbekistan” has been published on the portal for discussing draft normative legal acts, which envisages the introduction of the Media Ombudsman Office.

The decree provides for the introduction of a representative for the protection of legitimate interests and rights of the media (Media Ombudsman) and the creation of a sector for the protection of the legitimate interests and rights of the media with a limited number (2) of senior employees in the Secretariat.

The main tasks of the Media Ombudsman include:

- studying the practical implementation of the norms and requirements of the legislation on ensuring the independence of the media;

- assistance in the pre-trial settlement of disputes between the media and government bodies, individuals and legal entities;

- providing legal assistance to the media in cases of violation of their rights, interference of state bodies in their activities;

- preparation of proposals for improving legislation aimed at further ensuring the independence of the media, stimulating their development.

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