14:30 / 19.10.2019
World Bank to take part in reforming Uzbekistan’s aviation sector

On October 18, in Washington, the Minister of Investment and Foreign Trade Sardor Umurzakov met with the World Bank Vice President Cyril Muller.

“During the meeting, the parties discussed dynamically developing cooperation, taking into account the implementation of already launched programs, the processes of transition to new stages in their realization, and also considered the possibility of expanding the range of interaction and development of new projects,” the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade said in a statement.

Opportunities to attract the World Bank to develop a concept for reforming the aviation sector, improving public investment management and diagnosing the country's investment attractiveness were also considered.

Following the meeting, agreements were reached on the formation of a new cooperation program aimed at ensuring a decent standard of living for the population by improving road, water, energy and social infrastructure, as well as creating a favorable climate for attracting private and direct investment.

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