14:06 / 21.10.2019
Budgetary organizations in Uzbekistan assign maternity benefits for male employees

Employees of budgetary organizations in Uzbekistan, in the period 2017-2018 and in the Q1 2019, were paid 529.5 billion soums as maternity benefits, 345 million of which was allotted unreasonably, the Prosecutor General’s office said.

As noted by the PGO, some government institutions paid extra 696 million soums as a result of unjustified increase in the average salary of employees and over 820 million soums were spent on the basis of fictitious data.

It was revealed that employees in whose name certain funds were directed did not work at all in these government bodies.

Certain institutions assigned benefits for pregnancy and childbirth to male employees on a monthly basis.

According to the Prosecutor General’s office, 1,275 budgetary organizations misappropriated over 3.1 billion soums in the period under review.

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