19:15 / 22.10.2019
Justice Ministry: Government will pay part of the gasoline cost for a group of people

In accordance with the law, part of the cost for purchasing gasoline for certain group of people is paid by the state on a monthly basis. From August 15, 2019, the amount of compensation is 75,000 soums. It is reported by the Ministry of Justice.

The following people have the right to receive monthly monetary compensation:

-  war participants and persons equated with them; 
-  war-invalids and persons equated with them;
-  disabled persons of groups I and II (acquired);
-  disabled persons of groups I and II (innate).

To assign compensation payments, it is necessary to provide the following documents to the bodies that assign pensions and benefits:

-  application;

-  copy of passport;

-  copies of certificates of rights to benefits (for participants and invalids of the war, as well as persons equated to them);

-  copies of certificates of medical-labor expert commissions (for people with disabilities due to work injury, occupational diseases and from childhood);

-  copy of the motor vehicle’s technical passport;  

-  copy of a driving license for the owner of a motor vehicle or copy of a driving license, passport of a family member, who is permanently living with the disabled person of the World War II and registered with him on the same living space, and a power of attorney for the right to use his motor vehicle.

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