11:25 / 25.10.2019
State Customs Committee plans to introduce a single customs payment for individuals
Photo: norma.uz

The State Customs Committee has published the draft document “On improving the order of movement of goods by individuals for non-commercial purposes”.

It provides for the introduction of a single customs payment instead of customs payments established by law for individuals importing goods through checkpoints of the state border of Uzbekistan.

The draft document also envisages introducing a single customs payment for goods arriving at the address of an individual in international postal and courier shipments (for non-commercial purposes).

The State Customs Committee says that individuals will be charged a single customs payment when the maximum limit of import exceeds the set rate.

The document envisages establishing the following fees for a single customs payment:

• for foodstuffs – 30%, but not less than $2 per kg;

• for non-food products – 50%, but not less than $4 per kg.

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