15:25 / 28.10.2019
Uzbekistan to launch a service to combat plagiarism
Photo: Pixabay

Uzbekistan plans to create its own analogue of the website Dissernet, a portal for Uzbek films, as well as posting pages on the development of sports in the republic on Wikipedia, Sputnik writes.

Such measures are provided for by the program for development of national content on the Internet until 2022, which was approved by the government.

The document envisages formation of a bank of abstracts, articles and dissertations to combat plagiarism in the scientific and educational fields. A single information resource of scientific and educational data is planned to be launched by July 2020.

Also, pages on famous athletes and sports organizations of Uzbekistan should appear on Wikipedia, and a portal called “Sport through the eyes of children” in Uznet.

It is also planned to create a portal of national films by the summer of 2020 and channels of regional magazines and newspapers in popular Internet messengers.

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