15:35 / 14.11.2019
Uzbek journalists to undergo special trainings on how to cover upcoming elections
Photo: CEC

In Tashkent, on the eve of the parliamentary elections, trainings are being held for members of the media, the CEC said.

Organizers of the trainings for the media are the CEC of the republic and the UNDP office in Uzbekistan.

Electoral management, the principles of coverage of the elections, the rights and obligations of the media in the electoral process, a code of conduct for journalists in covering the events, lexical literacy are the main topics in the trainings.

“This is a multifaceted and ambitious project. We offer the opportunity to train a world-class group of journalists. This is a chance to really change the situation, develop the necessary skills, especially in the field of online media,” UNDP project manager Georgy Baratashvili said.

The first training seminar was held for senior officials of the CEC secretariat.

The trainers are UNDP international experts.

The following training seminars will be held for employees of the international press center at the CEC and its regional branches, as well as national journalists accredited to cover the elections.

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