22:42 / 21.11.2019
Uzbekistan plans to plant more cotton in 2020

Recently, new measures have taken effect in Uzbekistan on the further development of cotton and textile production, Sputnik writes.

According to the document adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers, in 2020, 14 cotton-textile clusters and production will be reformed in certain districts of Karakalpakstan, Andijan, Kashkadarya, Namangan, Syrdarya and Khorezm regions, the cultivated area of 18 clusters and production in 8 regions of the republic will be increased.
All producers will be allocated irrigated land. 

Ginning enterprises and procurement centers will be transferred to a number of manufacturers for implementation. Payment for enterprises will be made at an estimated cost with a 5-year installment plan.

To finance costs for the production of raw cotton, textile workers will receive loans from the State Support Fund for Agriculture. Autumn agricultural activities will be carried out at the expense of loans allocated by the funds of the republican commercial banks.  

Also, a single automated system for mandatory accounting and monitoring of cotton fiber volumes is being developed in the republic.

The system will be experimentally introduced starting from the 2020 harvest term.

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