13:19 / 15.12.2019
Tanzila Narbayeva speaks about problems faced by entrepreneurs in regions
Photo: KUN.UZ

The Senate Chairperson Tanzila Narbayeva said that recently, leaders and members of the parliament have visited the regions and studied the state of business development.

“It became known that work in this direction does not meet the requirements. In almost all regions, entrepreneurs face problems associated with land allocation, obtaining a loan, connecting to utility networks and licensing their activities.

Based on this, in the future it is necessary to develop new mechanisms for using the institution of parliamentary inquiry in order to boost the activities of senators at places.

The parliamentary requests sent so far have been mainly of national importance. Of course, this is the right approach and we see its practical results.

But, at the same time, based on the interests of regions, it would be advisable to establish the practice of sending urgent parliamentary requests concerning a certain area, even a district, a city. The initiative to send such parliamentary requests should come from local senators, this should be their main task,” Narbayeva said at the plenary session of the Senate on December 14.

She is sure that the implementation of this practice will further revitalize the study of the real situation in regions, will contribute to the prompt and effective solution of existing problems, which, ultimately, will increase the authority of senators among the people.

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