19:15 / 16.12.2019
EPSILON: Increasing hydrocarbon production and expanding gas pipeline network in cooperation with Uzbekneftegaz

On December 16, following hydraulic fracturing at Sharqiy Khatar-1 and Garbiy Kruk–26 wells, their total production rate reached 80,000 m³ of gas and 8 t of oil per day.

The daily flow rate of Sharqiy Khatar-1 well increased from 0 to 80,000 m³ of gas.

The daily production rate of Garbiy Kruk-26 well increased from 0.6 to 8 t of oil.

In line with the government’s decision, all extracted hydrocarbons are routed to the population.

Round-the-clock construction of three gas pipelines continues:

  • “Tandircha CP – Shurtanneftegaz” (45 km);
  • “Chigil CP – Mubarek GPP” (110 km);
  • “Talimarjon CP – Shurtanneftegaz” (8 km).


Total for December 16:

  • 40,500 t of pipes shipped;
  • 25,700 t of pipes arrived;
  • 84.5 km of trenches dug;
  • 106.7 km of pipes welded;
  • 69.8 km laid.

EPSILON Press Office