18:17 / 21.12.2019
Childbirth allowances, bonuses and other payments for teachers recalculated

In connection with the abolition of the minimum monthly wage system (replaced with base calculating amount - BCA), amendments and addenda have been made to several legislative acts.

In particular, in early December, relevant amendments were introduced to more than 50 laws. Now 90 decisions (decrees and orders) of the president have undergone changes.   

Norma reported what coefficients changed as a result (BCA is 634,880 soums):

a) childbirth allowance, paid since September 1, 1994, is now set at – 70.3% of the BCA (previously – 2 MMW);

b) monthly fees, paid since January 1, 2018:

- to members of the Academy of Sciences and members of the former Uzbek Academy of Agricultural Sciences are set at – 4.22 times the BCA (previously – 12 MMW);

- to correspondent-members of the former Uzbek Academy of Agricultural Sciences – 2.81 times the BCA (previously – 8 MMW);

c) monthly surcharges to the set salary of a deputy director or head of the secondary public school – 35.2% of the BCA ( previously – 1 MMW); 

d) increased bonuses paid to teachers of secondary specialized, professional educational institutions paid since September 1, 2008 for:

- group management – 35.2% of the BCA (previously – 100% of the MMW);

- verification of written work – an average of 17.6% of the BCA (previously – 50% of the MMW);

- head of educational and laboratory rooms – 17.6% of the BCA (previously – 50% of the MMW).

e) allowances for teachers of secondary public schools for heading the computer science cabinet – 17.6% of the BCA (previously – 50% of the MMW);

f) monthly fees paid since January 1, 2018 to full members of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, not subject to personal income tax – 1.41 times the BCA ( previously – 4 MMW);

g) the limit amount established from April 1, 2018 for calculating district (territorial) coefficients for the salary of employees of the State Committee for Geology – 2.11 times the BCA ( previously – 6 MMW);

h) premiums for the quarter to responsible managers and employees of government agencies for the effective implementation of public services – 3.52 times the BCA ( previously – 10 MMW);

i) the remuneration paid since May 1, 2019 by the court administrator for each completed liquidation proceeding – 7.03 times the BCA ( previously – 20 MMW).

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